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6061-T6 Aluminum

PRÉCINOV offers versatile jobs in the production of complex, diversified and high-quality parts.
PRÉCINOV offers a favorable climate to meticulous people for learning.

State-of-the-art equipment
Advantageous working conditions
A group insurance program
A young and dynamic work team
A social club organizing several annual activities
An excellent working atmosphere

At PRÉCINOV, some values dominate:
Rigor: Attention to detail in the aestheticis and in the precision of the parts is very important for strictly respecting our customers’ specifications.
Professionalism: All the employees show a big expertise.
Teamwork: Working by helping and by collaborating with the other employees is at the heart of our methods.

PRÉCINOV always searches for machinists beginning their career or wishing to complete their learning.

CNC Machinist

Full time, Shift: Days or evenings

We look for candidates who will enjoy working at PRÉCINOV.
The ideal candidate will be:


DVS in Machining Technics, required
AVS in Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation, a plus

The candidate will have to:

  • Mount tools in the machine;
  • Measure tools;
  • Set up the machine;
  • Make the zero parts G54, G55, etc.;
  • Make parts and set up in manual mode;
  • Adjust the machine during the first parts production;
  • Produce parts;
  • Adequately fill in the sheets for the follow-up and qualilty control;
  • Control the esthetics of the parts;
  • Burr the parts;
  • Cut the material..

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